John Deere 4300


The John Deere 4300 is a small compact utility tractor produced for 5 years from 1998 until its production ceased and was replaced by the John Deere 4310 in 2003. It is classified as a compact agricultural tractor, but it can also be used quite effectively in gardens. This is partly due to its Yanmar Diesel engine. This 3-cylinder engine has a 1. 5-liter displacement and yields 32 hp. He left the assembly chain with 3 transmissions to choose from. The first is 9 marches forward and 3 back, the second is 12 marches forward and backward, while the third is hydrostatic and offers an infinite number of gears forward and backward.

When leaving the assembly chain, the JD 4300 has a fuel tank with capacity for 37. 9 liters of diesel. In addition to having the rear TDF as standard, the John Deere 4300, also comes with the TDF option of the middle section, which is fantastic if you planVirtually no need for the TDF of the average section.

The total weight of 4300 is 1360 kg (3000 lbs). The tractor is very popular among small farmers and people who need a versatile vehicle for their farm, garden or land, but also has its fair share of problems. The tractor hood is not metal, but plastic. This means that instead of abolishing with strong blows, the plastic hood cracks, which has left some people a little disgusted (many JD spectacles have caps that are not made of metal, but a compact tractor with a hoodplastic seems a bit strange). After all, the John Deere 4300 compact tractor is still a good tractor.

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