Kubota M7040


The Kubota M7040 tractor sounds very similar to the Kubota M7040su tractor, and are quite similar, but both have different powers and different transmissions, making their performance different. The M 7040 obtains its power of a V3307-DI-T engine. This diesel engine easily starts in cold mornings and frost thanks to using a direct injection fuel system. The 4-cylinder engine works at a nominal regime of 2, 600 rpm. It has a displacement of 3, 331 liters and is turbocharged, which allows it to produce 71 hp.

The Kubota M7040 can be bought with an open operator position that has a Rops (antivuelco bar) or with a cabin that has the rops built. If you choose M 7040 with cabin, the fuel tank has additional 20 liters of diesel, with a capacity of 90 liters. The open driving position model has a fuel tank that can only contain 70 liters of diesel. The tractor speed is controlled by means of a gearbox. This gearbox provides 8 speeds when moving forward and 8 also by going back. There is a dry monodiscus clutch or a humid multidiscus clutch depending on whether a 2WD or 4WD chassis is chosen.

The Kubota M7040 can accommodate many different accessories and implements in its 3-point hitch. You can choose between a category 1 or category 2. The 3-point hitch has a maximum 1500 kg (3307 lbs). There are many other models of the same series as the M7040 tractor. These include the Kubota M5640SU and the Kubota M6040 tractors that are lighter and have less power. Be sure to leave your thoughts in a comment below so that others know what you think of the Kubota M7040.

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