Cub Cadet HFF1748


The sel f-propelled cadet HFF1748 cadet is a model with a foot driver quite similar to Cub Cadet H1748, since both have the same width of cutting and motor power. However, there are some differences between the 2 machines. The HFF 1748 Specker operates the wheels and blades through a tw o-cylinder kawasaki engine with head valves. Fortunately, this engine starts electrically, which means that you do not have to worry about pulling a setback outset system. A totally pressurized lubrication system is used to keep the engine greased throughout the operation so that it does not grab or wear excessively.

The CUB Cadet HFF 1748 cutter uses double Eaton hydrostatic pumps along with wheel engines to drive the rear wheels. These rear wheels have a quality grass thread with a fantastic traction without the risk of having their grass. The front wheels do not need to provide much grip and as a result they are soft because their main work is to keep the platform high while at the same time allow the HFF 1748 to rotate easily.

The CUB Cadet HFF 1748 cut platform has a 4 8-inch cutting width, but its total width is closer to 60 inches thanks to a very large discharge fin linked to the right side of the platform to channel the grass cutsoutside the platform in a controlled way. The HFF1748 cutting platform has a number of ant i-decamous wheels along with a nose roller to help make sure the cover remains high on the ground while you travel on it. The total weight of the CUB Cadet HFF1748 cadet is 249. 5 kg (550 lbs).

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