John Deere 125


The John Deere 125 is another great corteped often used by garden and landscape contractors due to its powerful engine and robustness. Like a large number of JD garden tractors, the John Deere 125 was quickly replaced by another model and only had one year production in 2006.

Its 724 cc engine, 2 cylinders, V Bicilindrical in V, designed and manufactured by Briggs and Stratton provides 20 hp to the corteped, allowing you to cut the grass even when it is wet or long. Its electronic transmission TUFF T40 facilitates starting. Underwards forward, the 125 reaches a maximum speed of 8 km/h, while in reverse can reach respectable 8 km/h. It has a wheelbase of 48. 9 inches, while the cover has a width of 42 inches, doing the light work of most and mediu m-sized commercial works. The platform is also adjustable in 7 different positions so that it always obtains the cutting height you want. Over 175 cm along and has a 50 cm rotation radius. It also comes with powerful headlights that facilitate the management of this machine in low light or dark conditions.

When using the John Deere 125, you have the option of using a mulch cover or, instead, collect the grass in a bag using the borrower. As JD 125 is often used in large commercial projects, John Deere has included cruise control standard, which facilitates its use for long periods of time. It also uses the Mount position system that allows you to quickly hook and unravel the implements, whether it is a snow blower, a roller, a scarifier or a chipped blade. The entire tractor has been built with 12 caliber steel, so he knows that he will easily bear all the blows and shocks that hard use can throw in it.

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