John Deere 8800 TerrainCut


The John Deere 8800 Terraincut Specker is specifically designed for use in golf course. This cutcase uses the same engine you will find in the John Deere 8700 Precious. It is a Yanmar diesel engine that has a maximum power of 43. 1 hp and a net power of 42 hp. The engine uses an intercooler turbocharging system and has 3 cylinders. The air that enters the engine first passes through a doubl e-stage air filter and dry element before entering the combustion chamber, which eliminates the impurities of the air. The engine power is transferred to the four wheels through a served hydrostatic pump. The rear wheels are responsible for directing the JD 8800 Rough. Each of them measures 20 × 10-8 (20 inches in diameter, 10 inches of width, 8 inches in tire diameter) while the front wheels are a bit larger, each measures 26 × 12-12 (26 inchesin diameter, 12 inches of width, 12 inches in tire diameter). The pressure exerted by these wheels on the ground is 12 psi, which is not enough to leave severe rolling marks.

The maximum advance speed of the John Deere 8800 Terraincut is 20. 1 km/h when the harvest units are high. However, when lower, the maximum speed is slightly lower, 12. 8 km/h. In reverse, it can reach a maximum speed of 6. 4 km/h.

In total, the John Deere 8800 Terraincut has 5 cutting platforms that work together to provide a total cutting of 88 inches. The cutting width of each platform is 21 inches. Cutting platforms are built in caliber steel 10. Each of them can be raised and down. Each of them can rise and drop from a height of 4 inches on the ground to a height of 1 inch on the ground. The JD 8800 comes with a limited 2-year warranty when you are buying it.

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