Kubota M108S


The Kubota M108S comes in many different guises. You have a choice of 4 different gearboxes as well as different tire combinations. The engine that drives all models is the same. It is an engine designed and manufactured by Kubota. It is a V3800-DT-TI diesel. This engine uses an intercooled turbocharger to give it a maximum power of 108 hp. The engine is rated at 2, 600 rpm and uses a dry-type, dual-element air cleaner to purify the air intake of all small particles that could potentially disturb the combustion process. The 12-volt battery used to start the M108S’s engine is recharged by a 45-amp alternator.

The fuel tank of the Kubota M108S can contain up to 175 liters of diesel. There are different gearbox combinations you can choose from when buying your M 108 S. The one with the fewest gears is a transmission that offers 16 forward/reverse speeds. The next gearbox option gives you 24 speeds in forward/reverse. Another option is a gearbox that gives you 32 forward/reverse speeds. The latter gives you a whopping 48 forward/reverse speeds. The clutch used to change gear is a hydraulic disc clutch in an oil bath. Tractor speed is controlled by a hydraulic wet disc braking system.

The Kubota M108S 2WD comes with a locking rear diff only, while the 4WD model comes with both a front and rear diff lock. The hydraulic system that comes with the M 108S drives the category 2 3-point hitch at the rear and the Kubota LA1403 front loader that can be attached to the front of the tractor. If you’re looking for a tractor with similar horsepower to this, you’ll probably be interested in the Kubota M100X or Kubota M110X tractor.

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