John Deere 60 Inch Heavy Duty Rotary Broom


The John Deere rotary broom of 60 ″ is a very resistant cleaning and sno w-withdrawal equipment. It is the improved version of the rotating broom John Deere 52 “and can be connected to the front of the John Deere X700 series of grass cutters, the front part of the John Deere 2000 series of compact tractors, as well as the back ofMany other models of John Deere tractors and others through the thre e-point hitch in conjunction with a frame adapter. As the name implies, the Rotary Broom John Deere of 60 inches has a width of 60 inches or 1. 52 meters. Diameter of this rotary broom JD measures in 0. 66 meters (26 inches).

This rotary broom John Deere 60 ″ is very versatile. During the winter it can handle unintelling in medium depths of snow very easily brushed out of the way (although it fights with deep snow accumulations). But during spring it can be used to clean roads and footwear of fallen debris. Without forgetting your great ability to sweep leaves during autumn. It can also be used as a driver, eliminating the unwanted moss under the grass.

The Rotary Bridge John Deere 60 ″ of high strength comes with some very pleasant serial features. It connects to the hydraulic system of its tractor and uses it to change its angle up to 30 degrees in both directions and thus divert the debris or snow away from the trajectory of the tractors. The JD 60 inches broom does not use an independent engine to obtain its power. Instead, use the strength of your tractor. Many users appreciate this JD rotary broom especially if they never take care of heavy snow because it is barely very capable in a wide range of various chores and tasks.

One Review of the John Deere 60 Inch Heavy Duty Rotary Broom

This 60 “Heavy Duty Broom has been a great disappointment and is not a loan to the John Deere brand. This broom is used for approximately 90 days (2-3 hours / day) in the winter months to clean the snow of the slopesOutdoor skating. Any accumulation greater than 2 ″ A blade or snow blower is used. It is not used on the pavement. This broom was put into service during the winter of 2011/2 and receives maintenance and regular inspections. Within insideFrom the first year we replace the conical cube (molten) on the head of the SHATF broom as well as a PTO in guarantee axis. Since then, we have replaced this cube again, as well as 2 pto axes. When adjusting/replacing the transmission by chain we discoverthat the transmission axis bearing had revolved on the transmission axis and that the lock collar lacked a fixing screw and the other had not settled correctly. The transmission axis was damaged and also had to be replaced. In the winter of 2016 we changed the original core of the broom only to discover that the core axis bearings had not adjusted correctly and had revolved on the axis causing damage. They informed me that the fixing screws of the bearing collar back up on themselves … We rebuilt the soldier support of the broom nucleus in a mechanical workshop by 1/3 of the cost of a JD replacement. Recently, the rear of the gearbox starting axle began to drip and was replaced. Under no load the broom works silently but with any amount of drag it sounds like it is about to cross the cabin. Most likely, the entrance axis bearing is failing. The most disappointing of this product is the lack of quality. Some of the problems we have experienced are a bad design, as well as a bad quality control during assembly. The concessionaire has helped us as much as possible, but beyond the regional office of the concessionaire, people are not interested or willing to assume any responsibility for this bad product.

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