Kubota T1600


The Kubota T1600 cut was manufactured during the 1990s. It is very often confused with the very similar called Kubota GR1600 corteped. It is a quite dear hostage of Kubota and very useful for anyone with more than half a grass to cut. It is propelled by a small 13. 5 hp diesel engine. This is a fairly important point. Many people would assume that such a small garden tractor would be propelled by a gasoline engine, but in fact it is propelled by diesel, so please remember that when you buy your T1600 and especially when you replace it, you need to use diesel. The engine is a Z482 designed and built by Kubota. It has a size of only 0. 48 liters.

The engine sits on a 2WD chassis that comfortably supports the cutting platform. To be honest, the Kubota T1600 is not a wel l-known host. There are a lot of Kubota reays built at the same time that are much more popular. However, the jury has not yet decided whether this is because there were other similar hosts competing in the same category as the T1600 or if it is because the Kubota T1600 was not a good cutter in general.

If you have ever had or used a T1600, please leave a comment detailing what you like and what you don’t like.

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