John Deere 8260R


The John Deere 8260R is the second smallest tractor in the 8R series of JD. The smallest tractor in the series is the John Deere 8235R, while the largest in the series is the John Deere 8360r. The engine that provides the JD 8260R is a 260 hp PUX POWERTECH engine. This 6-cylinder diesel engine uses double turbochargers that use air-Aire after cooling and engine also recirculates exhaust gases. Motor overheating is avoided thanks to a liquid cooling system that has capacity for up to 41 liters of water. The engine works with a compression ratio of 16: 1. Starting the engine into very cold winter days is quite easy thanks to the option of a cold weather boot kit that includes a motor block heater and a transmission fluid heater.

The power reaches the wheels of the John Deere 8260R through a selection of 2 transmissions: one of them is a Powershift automatic gearshift box of JD that provides the tractor 16 gears forward and 4 marches for the reverse. This provides the JD 8260R for a maximum speed of 42. 2 km/h. The second option is probably the easiest to use. It is an infinitely variable transmission that provides infinite marches to go back and forth. With this transmission, it reaches a maximum speed of 50 km/h.

The John Deere 8260R is a very customizable tractor, so most farmers can choose exactly the accessories and implements that suit them. There are a large number of light accessories that can be added to the tractor, as well as a radio system. The JD 8260R is also compatible with a John Deere H480 front charger. What will most like farmers is that the CommandView II cabin can also be completely customized to adapt to specific needs, from the windshield wiper to the foot accelerator.

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