Kubota L3400


The Kubota L3400 compact utility tractor had a full 4-year production from 2004 to 2008. During this time, this machine was equipped with a 3-cylinder natural aspiration diesel engine. This engine has a 1. 6-liter displacement and is refrigerated by liquid. The tractor is equipped with a 12 volt battery to start it. The engine can be mounted in 2 different chassis. The first is a 4 × 2wd chassis, the other best option is a 4 × 4 mfwd 4wd chassis. The speed of this compact utractor tractor is controlled by means of a hydrostatic transmission that provides the infinite marches forward and backward in 3 ranges (low, medium and high) or a constant gear transmission. The constant gear transmission provides the tractor 8 gears when it moves forward and 4 when it goes back.

The Kubota L3400 has assisted direction and uses a wet disc braking system to reduce speed. The total capacity of the fuel tank is 34. 1 liters of diesel. The maximum rear elevation capacity of the 3-point hitch of category 1 is 906 kg (1998 lbs).

The Kubota L3400 also enjoys a series of security characteristics that really improve it. It comes with parking brakes, strength protector (PTO) and a safety belt subject to Rops (antivuelco bar). The weight of the L3400 varies depending on whether it is the 2WD version or the 4WD version. The 2WD version weighs 1090 kg, while the tractor with 4WD chassis weighs 1179 kg. The length also varies depending on the chassis. The tractor with the 2WD chassis has a total length of 2. 8 m (110. 6 inches) while the 4WD version is slightly smaller and measures 2. 7 m (106. 5 inches). The 4WD minimum rotation radius is 2. 5 m, while the tractor with 4WD chassis has a minimum turn radius of 2. 4 m.

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