John Deere X534


The John Deere X534 ride-on mower is very similar to the other machines in the JD X500 series like the John Deere X530 or the John Deere X540. However, there are some slight differences compared to the other garden tractors in the series. You can get the JD X534 with either a 48-inch or a 54-inch cutting deck depending on your needs. This cutting deck gets its power from a 0. 675 liter, V twin Kawasaki engine that produces 25 horsepower. This air-cooled engine gives the mower a top speed going forward of 7. 2 mph (11. 6 km/h), while in reverse it has a top speed of 5. 2 mph (8. 4 km/h). Fortunately it uses an automatic transmission, which means there are no gear changes.

Since the John Deere X534 is slightly larger, it also has a turning radius of 0. 67 meters. You’ll be happy to know that it uses 4WS power steering, making it easy to control the machine. The mower deck is raised and lowered by a hydraulic system that provides 13 different cutting heights, each varying by only 0. 25 inches.

The JD X534 has a wheelbase of 1. 3 m (51 inches), while the overall length of the machine is 2. 01 m (79 inches) when bare with any attachments. With the 54-inch mower deck attached, the overall width of the machine is 1. 64 m (64. 5 inches), although the overall width is obviously less with the 48-inch mower deck attached. The height of the John Deere X534 mower is 1. 22 m (48 inches). It weighs 411 kg with a full tank and the 54-inch platform attached. With the 48-inch platform, it weighs 401 kg. Obviously, the John Deere X534 can carry many different accessories thanks to its CargO Mount system, be it snow blowers, front blades, scrapers or harrows. You can also carry a 7, 14, or 19 bushel bagger on the back to collect clippings. For more information about this model, you can check it on the official JD website by clicking here.

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