John Deere 7830


The Tractor John Deere 7830 is a machine. It is significantly larger than the John Deere 7630 and John Deere 7730 tractors, which also belong to this large bastor series produced by JD. The engine that drives the JD 7830 is an intercoler powe r-cylinder engine that has a total displacement of 6. 8 liters. Its maximum power is 205 hp. The engine is turbocharged and uses a double element air filter. The power of this engine reaches the wheels through the same transmission option that has the rest of the 7030 large bastor series. The choice includes an infinite variable transmission, an autoquad plus transmission and a Powrquad Plus transmission. The 12 volt battery used to start the tractor is recharged by a 200 amps alternator when the tractor is running.

The production of John Deere 7830 is carried out at the JD plant located in Waterloo, Iowa. The tractor has a huge fuel tank with capacity for 390 liters of diesel. The rear hitch of 3 points of JD 7830 has a maximum lifting capacity of up to 6350 kg (14000 lbs). Keeping the balanced tractor is relatively easy thanks to the different points where ballast can be added: the front, the rear and the wheels. Adding weight to the front of the tractor is very easy thanks to the suitcase counterweights that manufactures JD.

The John Deere 7830 operator position has a CommandView cabin that houses all the controls and a comfortable driver seat with high back. Obviously the total weight of JD 7830 varies greatly due to the different chassis configurations (2WD, 4WD, MFWD) as well as the different optional extras that can be selected for him. The hydraulic system of this machine is very large. It has the capacity to store up to 108 liters of hydraulic fluid.

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