Massey Ferguson 130


Massey Ferguson 130 was manufactured for 6 years when it replaced Massey Ferguson 25 in 1966. It was manufactured uninterruptedly for 6 years until its production ceased in 1972. There is also a larger model called Massey Ferguson 135. The production of this model took placein France. The tractor is propelled by a Diesel Perkins A4-107 natural aspiration engine. It is a 4-cylinder and 1. 8-liter engine with a liquid cooling system that needs 6. 7 liters of refrigerant to function properly and optimally. The engine oil capacity is 5. 4 liters and air admission is filtered through an oil bath before reaching combustion cameras. The engine is launched using a 12 volt battery that is loaded through the engine alternator.

There are several variants of Massey Ferguson 130 available. This is the model for vineyards, which has a low profile, the narrow version, which obviously has a reduced width, and the version for high crops, which has a free height on the extra high soil compared to the other models. The luxury version of the MF 130 includes headlights, while the economic version has no headlights. The tractor diesel tank has a maximum capacity of 45. 4 liters of diesel.

The Massey Ferguson 130 includes a 3-point category 1 hitch. The maximum rear elevation capacity of Massey Ferguson 130 is 1011 kg. The tractor left the assembly line with an open serial operator stall. However, many of the models that remain in operation today are often seen with improvised cabins or welded antivuelco bars (Rops). Although this can ruin the ancient aesthetics of the tractor, it contributes greatly to the safety of the operator, provided that the welding is of good quality. The MF 130 weighs 1456 kg when it works normally, but this weight is fired up to a maximum insurance of 2122 kg when it is totally weighed.

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