Toro 74951 G3 Commercial Series Lawn Mower


The Toro 74951 G3 Commercial Series Mower is the smallest model in the G3 Commercial Series. It is powered by a Kawasaki FH 580 V petrol engine. This V-twin engine has a pressurized lubrication system to ensure that work pieces are well-oiled, even during heavy-duty moments. This engine then transfers power to the wheels via a dual hydrostatic transmission that allows you to control the amount of power each rear wheel receives independently. 2 turn bars are used to control both speed and direction of the Toro 74951 Zero Turn Mower.

The deck on the Toro 74951 G3 mower is a ‘Turbo Force’ deck. This deck has been specifically designed for commercial mowers that see a lot of work. The deck of the ‘Turbo Force’ mower is constructed from extra strong 7 gauge steel and also has an extra piece of steel on the leading edge called a bull-nose, this acts to absorb the impact of any objects that strike it while it is being operated. The mower deck also has a series of small plastic wheels that prevent the deck from scratching or cutting the surface of the grass. The Toro 74951 blades are 0. 25-inch thick and have been heat-treated so their cutting edges stay sharper compared to blades that have not been heat-treated.

The gas tank on the Toro 74951 G3 Commercial Series Mower can hold up to 8 US gallons (30. 3 liters) of gasoline, allowing for very long continuous operation before it needs to be refilled. There are also 2 similar, but larger models of the Toro 74951 mower. These are the Toro 74952 G3 Commercial Series Lawn Mower and the Toro 74953 G3 Commercial Series Lawn Mower which have more powerful motors and larger cutting decks.

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