John Deere 6920


The John Deere 6920 is one of the many agricultural tractors manufactured under the John Deere brand. It is curious to think that John Deere emerged at the end of the 1880s, when a blacksmith named John Deere launched her. And now, at present, they are one of the main tractors manufacturers in the world.

The 6-cylinder engine has been internally designed by John Deere. JD 6920 has an impressive storage capacity of the 20 7-liter fuel tank. The turbocharged engine is reliable and efficient in any circumstance and is also equipped with a viscous fan that manages to keep it refrigerated during periods of great effort and high temperatures. The average fuel consumption of this tractor is just over 30 liters per hour. However, this model is known for offering more mileage if the speed is high in a upper march.

The John Deere 6920 has a multidiscus clutch in oil bath. It is activated by a rotating switch that works electrically. It is essential to use the clutch to change march. The gearbox is continuous and branched. The tractor is equipped with 2 change levers.

It has disc brakes in oil bath at the rear. These brakes are hydraulically activated. The tractor has two doors for entry and exit. It has windows in the back and side. It is also equipped with a hatch on the roof and an air conditioning.

The noise level of this model also remains as low as possible. The average noise level is 72 dB (a) when it is conducted at 7. 5 km/h.

The width of the John Deere 6920 is 2430 mm, while the length is 5380 mm. The wheelbase of this tractor measures 2650mm. The total height of the cabin is 2915 mm, while the height to the exhaust tube is 2895 mm. The distance from the hitch of the trailer to the end of the TDF axis is 180 mm. The distance between the lower arm counters and the end of the transmission tree is 530 mm.

The JD 6920 chassis is total traction. It has universal joints with central diving axes. The front lock is multiple and sel f-gable. It also has a multiple rear differential block. Both the front and rear blocking are electrohydraulic drive.

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