Kubota F3680


The Zero Giro Kubota F3680 Specker obtains its power of a Kubota V1505 engine that pumps impressive 36 hp. This 4-cylinder engine is diesel and is refrigerated by liquid. It has a cylindrated of 1, 498 liters and uses a double element air filter to avoid the entry of particles into the combustion chamber, which can reduce the performance and damage the engine. The F 3680 engine starts with a 1 2-volt battery that is recharged with a 40 amps alternator once the engine is running.

The engine power of the Kubota F3680 reaches the wheels first through an HST hydrostatic gearbox, which makes the machine automatic. The F 3680 uses a differential block along with a assisted turn braking mechanism that allows it to make radio zero turns. You will notice that unlike many zer o-rotation hosts, the Kubota F3680 has a steering wheel. The total length of this machine is 2. 45 m (96. 5 inches), while its total weight is 765 kg (1687 pounds). There is an option of 2 cutting covers of different sizes for this model. One has a 6-inch cut width, while the largest model has a 7 2-inch cut width. You can also choose if you want to download the grass from the back of the platform or on the side.

The depth of the C 3680 cut platform is 5. 5 inches and is made of welded steel. The cutting platform can be raised and lowered from a height of only 2. 5 cm from the ground to a height of 15 cm from the ground. You will notice a small anti-scalping wheel number on the prister cover that prevents it from scraping and scratching the grass surface when you are traveling on it. The least powerful models of the F series include the Kubota F2680E and the Kubota F3080.

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