John Deere 165


The John Deere 165 spectacis was a garden tractor that was built by JD for a period of 2 years, from 1986 to 1988. All the production of this model took place at the JD plant in Horicon, Wisconsin. Most people do not see JD 165 as a particularly powerful corteped due to the fact that their engine only produces 12. 5 hp. This engine is a Kawasaki FB460V gasoline engine with natural aspiration. The engine displacement is 0. 46 liters and is air refrigerated. You will have to make sure the engine always has 1. 8 liters of engine oil to avoid excessive wear of the engine parts.

The transmission used in the John Deere 165 is hydrostatic. This makes its handling relatively simple, since it provides the infinite gears forward and the same in reverse. In other words, JD 165 is automatic. Since this John Deere Speaker is over 20 years old, most people have not heard about him. However, like so many other JDs and tractors, there is a large restoration community that repairs and restores completely old corteys like this.

If you are someone who has a John Deere 165 or has restored one, please feel free to leave a comment about it below. If possible, try to list the things that were giving it more problems during the restoration of it. It will also be informative for readers to let them know about the modifications that you have made in your case. Please, also try to list attachments, such as snow blowers, snow blades, front blades, scrapers, etc., which has used with JD 165.

16 Reviews of the John Deere 165

I just brought this 1986 Hydo 165 with a snow blower at him home yesterday. I haven’t had time to dig on him yet. What I know is that the brake gets stuck even in the unlocking position. Ignition switch not spring again after it starts with what you have to go back, address is super hard, and the seat is horrible Lol. Run strong for what I can say and the snow blower works well without bamboleo. I am taking all suggestions or knowledge of how to get at least 75% for winter. I will also have to create or find a system of weights for the rear too.

Fuel system fails if the hot engine is turned off and take a break that starts well, but acts as carb is steam lock and ramps up and down the speeds. The fuel system fails if you turn on the hot engine and pause, start well but act as if the carburetor is blocked and ramps and lower the speeds.

I have discovered that if the carburetor is removed and cleaned each of the jets, then adjust the adjustment screw (cross with a spring) located just behind the air filter that should work much better, and stop most of thesurge.

What is a PRO switch?

It was a typographic error should have been Pto switch

transporting with the trailer

Very happy for general use, I would like to have 185, as an added CV it would be good.

Does anyone have a starter engine?

I love my garden. A lot of power for me. I bought a borrowing for little money.

I just received it from John Deere to sharpen and lubricate the blades. It worked very well the first time I cut the grass. I just tried to get again and do not move in any march. How does the transmission or change fluid fill? I hope I had not achieved the deere antlers while they had my host.

Put 30 oil

I bought it about 15 years ago. I use it every year (1 acre) and without real problems.

Impressed with the general reliability and the availability of parts. Good rotation radius. The Kawasaki engine is great. Nothing works like a deere

Look at the specifications of conventional and synthetic oils and see a big difference in all aspects, but the point of inflammation and total protection as heat increases is also much better than that of conventional oils. I am an amsoil guy and use it in everything. The transmission of my wife’s car broken almost 3 years ago. I changed the filter and changed to synthetic amsoil. It continues to work …. correctly and the escape stopped, another great advantage of the synthetic, keeping the joints as new.

Conventional Dreno whatever and change for synthetic. Surely you have problems with the clutch and if it is new, you may never have them with a synthetic oil. I have a dozer with the same problem …… in the store.

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