Kubota D722


The Kubota D722 is a diesel engine manufactured by the same Kubota company that also builds tractors (such as the Kubota B7800), UTVS (such as the Kubota RTV500 utility vehicle) and excavators (such as the mini excavator Kubota Kx121). The D722 is a Tier 4 Kubota engine that uses a naturally aspirated air admission system. It is a 3-cylinder engine, with an interior diameter of 67 mm (2. 64 inches) wide and a 68 mm race (2. 68 inches). This gives the engine a maximum power of 20 hp. It is launched by a 12 volt battery that is loaded through a 12. 5 amps alternator.

The Kubota D722 engine weighs 63 kg without fuel, oil or refrigerant. It measures 40. 4 cm wide and 43. 5 cm long. The engine oil crankcase capacity is 3. 8 liters. The engine has a maximum speed of 3600 rpm.

The Kubota D772 engine is cooled by water by means of a radiator cooling system. The total displacement of this engine is 0. 72 liters. The fuel consumption of this engine is 202 grams per hour of power per hour (g/hp/hr).

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