John Deere D120


The John Deere D120 is part of the “100 series” of John Deere. This is the basic range of spectats with JD driver. The JD 120 is the next model of the John Deere 110, although it remains smaller than the John Deere D130. This corteped achieves its energy of a 1 cylinder, Briggs and Stratton Model 33, gasoline engine that has natural aspiration. The engine produces a very fair 21 horsepower of it is a size of 0. 5 liters. Although it is launched using a 1 2-volt battery, the engine is air refrigerated. The engine needs 1. 4 liters of oil to guarantee complete lubrication. The 12 V battery is loaded with a 9 amps alternator.

As the John Deere D120 is not a special machine, it does not use assisted direction. A Kansaki Torq T40 torq t40 hydrostatic transmission provides the JD D120 unlimited speeds both forward and back. The speed is controlled by 2 pedals; one to move forward and another to go back. In front, this garden tractor has a maximum speed of 8. 8 km/h. The fuel tank of this corteped has a capacity of 9. 1 liters (2. 4 Gallons USA), which may not seem much compared to larger cortections, but it is more than enough for many hours of continuous operation.

The John Deere D120 front tires measure 15 × 6-6 (15 inches in diameter, 6 inches wide, 6 inches in diameter for the tires) while the rear wheels measure 20 × 8-8 (20 inches in diameter, 8inches wide, 8 inches in diameter for tires). The cutting platform has a 4 2-inch cutting width. When the platform is coupled to the corteped, it has a total width of 1. 32 m (52 inches). The length of the machine without accessories (tidker, snow blower, etc.) is 1. 78 m (70 inches). For more information about the JD D120, visit John Deere’s official page by clicking here.

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