John Deere 2040


There are not many agricultural machinery companies that have managed to make a name in the manufacture of good quality tractors such as John Deere. Great performance, ease of use, reliability and robustness are some of the many reasons why people trust John Deere and their products.

The John Deere 2040 is one of the many agricultural tractors manufactured by the company. The production of this model began in 1976 and lasted until 1982. The production was carried out in Germany, as well as that of the John Deere 2030. The tests of this model began in October 1975 and lasted approximately one month. During this phase, the model was tested exclusively in extreme surface conditions, climatic conditions and other hazards. The JD 2040 had a price of $ 14, 000 in 1982. In terms of engine power, the JD 2030 was superior compared to 2040. This model has a 34 hp motor power that is half of the 2030.

One of the most prominent aspects of John Deere 2040 is its fuel capacity, which reaches 21 gallons (78 liters for Europeans). The wheelbase is also impressive: 74. 4 inches. Being an agricultural tractor, the 2040 model is also heavier and weighs 5775 pounds.

The 3-cylinder engine of the JD 2040 is of its own manufacture of John Deere and works with diesel. Another outstanding feature of this model is that it has 4 marches back and 8 marches forward. As always happens with any agricultural tractor John Deere, he may be sure that his tractor will work in any field in the world.

The John Deere 2040 managed to get the attention of people who showed great interest in buying an agricultural tractor. Many of those who managed to buy this model undoubtedly appreciate their performance and their ability to offer constant results.

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