Kubota Commercial V Blade


Kubota’s Commercial V-Blade has been very cleverly designed to be able to independently adjust each side of the blade. This clever design feature allows for much more precise control and clearing of snow and other debris. The V-Blade can be attached to a wide range of utility vehicles and tractors available from Kubota. The V-blade has a clearing width of 1. 83 m (72 inches), which means that you will rarely find it in a residential setting, as it is very large. Instead, it is much more likely to be used by a commercial crew or local council to clear shallow to medium depth snow.

Kubota’s Commercial V-Edge is constructed of high-quality 10-gauge steel to prevent significant deflection or deflection. The V-blade can be raised up to 8 inches off the ground when not in use. All aspects of the blade are hydraulically controlled by the operator from his seat, allowing for maximum comfort and efficiency during operation.

Kubota’s Commercial V-Blade is especially useful if you need to clean a large area in a short time. Although it may not completely get rid of snow like the Kubota T80 Snow Blower or the Kubota GF 1800 Snow Blower, it is still a high quality piece of machinery.

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