Husqvarna PZ6029D


The Husqvarna Pz6029D is very similar to the Husqvarna PZ6030CV, except that it is a bit smaller. The cutting width of this machine is 60 inches, while propelled by a 29 hp engine. This makes it very similar to the zer o-rotation spi n-spin cutties Pz6029FX and Husqvarna Pz6029PFX except for some minor details. The engine that drives PZ 6029 D is an engine of the 05 series designed and built by Kubota. It is a liqui d-cooled 3 cylinder engine. The engine is started by a 12V battery. The battery is recharged through an alternator of 40 amps. You can probably guess by the name, that this machine is diesel, which means that additional caution should be taken to make sure you never by mistakes add gasoline to it. Adding fuel is easy in this machine, since it can be filled from anywhere.

Each front tire of the Husqvarna PZ6029D measures 13 × 6. 5-6 (13 inches in diameter, 6. 5 inches wide, 6 inches of tire diameter) while each rear tire is much larger, measuring 26 × 12-12 (26 inchesin diameter, 12 inches wide, 12 inches in tire diameter). The only function of the front wheels is simply to keep the machine balanced and prevent it from turning. The front wheels do not provide grip or traction. The rear wheels are responsible for moving forward the machine and turning. The speed and direction of the PZ6029D are controlled by 2 manual cams that are in front of the driver’s seat.

The Husqvarna PZ6029D is very large, with a total length of 2. 19 m (86. 5 inches). When the antivuelco bar (ROPS) is used, the total height of the machine from the ground level is 1. 85 m (73 inches). Fortunately, it can be folded to save it. With the folded antivuelco bar, the total height is 1. 27 m.

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