John Deere 415


The John Deere 415 spectacés had a very long production. It lasted 9 years, from 1992 until its production ended in 2001. During this time, all the manufacture of it occurred in the ease of production of JD located in Horicon that is in Wisconsin. The JD 415 garden corter tractor has a standard appearance compared to almost all other John Deere hostages of the time, with green body and square hood, but with yellow seat, yellow tires and yellow cutting platform. The machine obtains its entire power of a Yanmar diesel engine. This is a bit strange, since virtually all John Deere hosts have a gasoline engine. The Yanmar produces 15 horsepower and is refrigerated by liquid.

The John Deere 415 is automatic, thanks to its hydrostatic transmission that provides infinite marches to move forward and go back. To cut the grass itself, you have a sizes option for your cutting platform. The smallest size is a cutting platform with a 4 8-inch cut width. The largest harvest platform in JD 415 has a 5 4-inch cut. Both platforms are mounted in the center. Although this is an older model, it is fortunately with the direction of the energy that the operation makes on a relatively easy field.

John Deere 415’s walk in the garden tractor’s maid’s cutter is not exactly the best known piece of JD machinery, due in part to people’s preference towards fed gasoline. However, this does not mean that JD 415 is not a useful machine. Thanks to the fact that it is compatible with so many different accessories, from snow blowers to front blades to utility cars, it means that it has a number of uses in its garden and entry. It also has an optional accessory for rear collection.

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