John Deere X320


The John Deere X320 is part of the JD X300 series that includes the John Deere X324 and John Deere X360 mowers. But this article is only going to focus on the JD X320 Garden Tractor Lawn Mower. It is powered by a Kawasaki V Twin, gasoline engine. Its 2-cylinder engine has a displacement of 0. 7 liters and is air-cooled. It produces 22bhp which is transferred to the wheels via a K58 automatic transmission, meaning the X320 has no gears and allows for easier handling than previous models. In forward gear, it reaches a top speed of 8 km/h, and in reverse, 6 km/h. Its fuel tank has a maximum capacity of 13. 2 liters of gasoline.

Thanks to its four-wheel drive chassis, the John Deere X320 has a turning radius of just 0. 4m, making it very agile in small gardens despite its 1. 82m length and 0. 97m width. This is your width without the mower deck attached, which will increase substantially depending on the mower deck attached. The operating weight of the tractor is 248 kg. This is without the mower deck attached.

The John Deere X320 riding mower comes with 3 hitch points; One is obviously the rear hitch, but the other 2 are the deck and fender. Due to the fact that the JD X320 uses the CargO Mount attachment system at all of these points, it allows for a large variety of accessories to be used with the mower, making it truly versatile in the garden. Attachments include utility carts, tractor shovels, front plows, center-mount plows, cultivators, disc harrows, snow blowers, snow blades, sprayers, and soil aerators.

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