John Deere Mid Z-Trak 737


The John Deere Mid Z-Trak 737 Zero Turn Mower is not as powerful as the John Deere Max Z-Trak 777 or John Deere Max Z-Trak 797. However, it is still a fairly powerful machine with a 23hp engine.. However, it is still quite a powerful machine with a 23hp motor. This engine gives the JD 737 a top speed of 15. 3 km/h forwards, while in reverse it has a top speed of 7. 2 km/h. The rear wheels do most of the work. Each measures 24×12-12 (24-inch diameter, 12-inch width, 12-inch rim diameter). The rear wheels drive the mower as well as turning it. By giving each rear wheel different amounts of power, you can steer at any angle you choose.

The front wheels of the John Deere Mid Z-Trak 737 perform a completely different function than the rear wheels. The front wheels are responsible for keeping the platform off the ground and ensuring that the JD 737 can turn easily. The engine that drives the rear wheels, as mentioned above, provides 23 hp. This engine has a total displacement of 0. 696 liters. The engine is air-cooled and uses a pressure lubrication system. Like many other Z-Trak zero-turn mowers, it uses a 2-stage air filtration process.

The deck itself is fairly small on the John Deere Mid Z-Trak 737, with a cutting width of just 54 inches (although with the plastic dump guard down, it has an overall width of 68 inches). The mower deck houses 3 blades and is made of 7 gauge steel. There are 3 blades inside the deck that are each 19 inches in diameter. The blades are belt driven and engaged by an Ogura PTO. The total weight of this machine is 580. 6 kg. Have you ever used the JD 737 Zero Turn Mower? If so, please leave your thoughts about it below.

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