John Deere 345


The Tractor John Deere 345 was manufactured by Deere and Company during the period from 1995 to 2001. This model is among the wide range of grass tractors manufactured by JD. These tractors are used by many people who have huge acres or yards portions or by commercial teams that take care of public parks, play fields and golf courses. These tractors can do their job of cutting the grass and other easier gardening activities. These tractors are good quality machines and you can surely look forward to buy them for residential adjustment. They are hydrostatic tractors with hydraulic elevators. They use tw o-cylinder gasoline engines manufactured by Kawasaki.

The JD 345 is done in the same frame as the resistant spectats 245 and 265. But the manual elevation of the fender handle present in the John Deere 245 and 265 was replaced by hydraulic elevation. A 12 volt battery is present in these models. These John Deere tractors are soft and silent with their V-Twin style design. The units have assisted steering cruise controls that are quite standard. The JD 345 hood accessory can be easily removed. The seats have a high support and are able to lean forward for protection and to access the fuel tank easily. Additional traction can be provided in these tractors if necessary.

Various characteristics and specifications of the John Deere 345

  • The tractors leave the assembly chain with one of the two types of engines manufactured by Kawasaki. This is the FC590V and the FD611V.
  • The engines are two cylinders and work with gasoline.
  • The engine displacement is 36 ci.
  • The power of the two models is 18 hp and 20 hp.
  • The engines use a liquid cooling system and need 3. 3 rooms of refrigerant gallon.
  • The nominal regime of revolutions per minute (RPM) of the John Deere 345 engines is 3575.
  • There are 12 starting volts.
  • The fuel capacity of these tractors is 3. 5 American gallons.
  • The rear force of these machines is electric.
  • The John Deere 345 weighs 699 pounds.
  • The tractor wheelbase is 47. 9 inches.
  • The height if this tractor is 43. 6 inches.
  • The tractor has 2. 1 feet of rotation radius.

A soft walk is provided in the John Deere 345 tractors due to wide tires and the pleasant flotation that also leads to less compaction of land.

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