John Deere WG32A


The John Deere WG32A self-propelled lawn mower is quite the beast. It’s not your typical walk-behind mower, especially considering the size of its engine. The engine that powers the JD WG32A has a whopping 16 hp. This is an FS481V engine designed and built by Kawasaki. The twin-cylinder engine has a displacement of 0. 603 liters and runs at 3600 RPM. Before entering the combustion chamber where it is mixed with the fuel, the air intake is cleaned through a dual element air filter. The engine is air cooled.

Power from the engine is directed to the wheels via a 5-speed gearbox (and has one speed for reverse). This gives the John Deere WG32A a top speed of 8. 7 km/h when moving forwards, which will be quite an effort trying to keep up! The fuel tank that supplies gasoline to the engine has a capacity of 22 liters (5. 8 US gallons), which means you could practically run it all day without refilling. The JD WG32A weighs 475 pounds (215. 5 kg), which may seem heavy for a walk-behind mower.

But remember that the deck of the John Deere WG32A mower is quite large. It has a 32-inch cutting width, which is as large as some walk-behind mowers. The mower deck is belt driven and consists of 2 blades. The mower deck is similar to the ones you’ll find on ride on mowers as it can be adjusted from as low as 1. 5 inches above the ground to 4 inches above the ground. If you prefer something a bit bigger then take a look at the John Deere WG36A, but if that doesn’t quite meet your fancy then the John Deere 7G18 might be right for you.

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