Husqvarna LGT24K54


The Husqvarna LGT24K54 riding mower is powered by a twin-cylinder engine designed and built by Kawasaki. This FR series Kawasaki engine has a displacement of 0. 726 liters and produces 24 hp. This air-cooled engine is started by a key switch using a 12-volt battery. This battery is charged via a 15 amp alternator when the engine is running. Engine power is transferred to the wheels via a Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission. This makes the LGT 24 K54 mower an automatic machine. It has a top speed of 8. 4 km/h forwards, while in reverse it can reach a top speed of 4. 7 km/h.

The Husqvarna LGT24K54 54 mower has a deck with a 54-inch width of cut. This mower deck consists of 3 small blades which give a much more even and cleaner cut compared to much older riding mowers which only have 1 large blade. The mower deck is constructed of stamped steel and can be adjusted from 1. 5 to 4 inches above the ground in 0. 5-inch increments. To deal with grass debris, you have several options on this Husqvarna 54-inch mower. You can use a mulching kit to turn grass clippings into a nutritious mulch. However, you can also dump them onto your lawn without mulching. You can also collect grass clippings in a triple bagging attachment that you can purchase separately.

The front of the mower deck has a series of small plastic wheels that act as an anti-scuff guard, preventing the mower deck from scraping and scratching the ground when moving over uneven surfaces. Similar models to the Husqvarna LGT24K54 mower are the Husqvarna YTH26V54 and Husqvarna YTH23V48 mowers. Click here to see the Husqvarna LGT24K54.

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Before buying the Husqvarna garden tractor I had a small Sears garden tractor. After twelve years of impeccable operation, I feared that I couldn’t last much more, so I bought my Husqvarna. Then I gave my Sears unit to a friend. A big mistake. Actually two errors. One, give my sears and another, buy the Husqvarna. After 18 months the front did not work properly. It turned out that the front axle bushings were plastic. It is almost impossible to believe, but that is what my Husqvarna dealer told me. Fortunately the guarantee covered a repair. Supposedly the old plastic bearings were replaced by other metal. I considered discarding the unit, but I knew I would feel guilty for selling a defective product. So a year has passed and, guess what? I have taken my unit to the repair workshop and they will have to repair the front axle again. This could cost several hundred dollars. This implies that I will be spending several hundred each year to repair this beast. Maybe I will have to accept a little guilt and get rid of her. I am very disappointed with Husqvarna. Only an indication of your quality focus. Its emblem, which should be the pride of your company, is a piece of fine and cheap aluminum that is stuck in the front of the unit. He fell at two weeks of use. And even the distributor admitted that they had this complaint from other clients. All I can say is that, knowing what I know today, I would have opted for a John Deere …

Must, clear, move earth / firewood with the ladle.

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