John Deere STX30


The John Deere STX30 riding mower is a very small riding mower compared to other John Deere riding mowers commonly seen mowing grass. This is illustrated by its small Kohler CF12. 5-1216S gasoline engine that has a displacement of just 0. 398 liters. This 1-cylinder engine is naturally aspirated and overheating is prevented by an air-cooled system. The total power of the motor is 9 CV. This engine needs to be topped up with motor oil to maintain a level of 1. 9 liters.

The John Deere STX30 uses a Peerless 920 gearbox which gives it 5 gears when moving forward and only 1 gear when going in reverse. Its top speed is 8. 5 km/h. Although the JD STX30 is not that powerful, it has the advantage of being very light. It only weighs 189 kg. Its overall length is also quite short, measuring 1. 52 m (60 in) without implements. The wheelbase is 1. 13 m, while the overall width is 1. 1 m.

Even with its small size, there is one frustrating aspect of the John Deere STX30 and that is its turning radius. It is very large, 0. 6 m (24 inches). The mower deck that comes standard with the JD STX30 has a 30-inch width of cut. This platform can be adjusted from 1 inch above the ground to 4 inches above the ground in 0. 5 inch increments. A 38-inch snow blower attachment can also be added to the front of the machine. This without forgetting implements such as a front blade, a scarifier or a utility cart. The optional bagger that you can get for this mower has a 6. 5 bushel capacity and straps to the back of the tractor. If you are looking for larger mowers check out the John Deere 318 or the John Deere STX38 mower.

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