John Deere SST15


The John Deere SST15 spectacés is the first model of the JD ‘SST series. The other 2 models of this series are the John Deere SST16 and the John Deere SST18. This is not the most famous series of John Deere Species, however it is one of the most interesting. SST means Spin Steer Technology. This technology is a differential direction controlled by the steering wheel. In simple terms, this means that it can turn over a ten cents. When blocking the steering wheel in one direction, one wheel remains motionless, while the other continues to turn. This allows the operator to make radio zero turns. However, it is important to keep in mind that this will not be the case if you are traveling at high speeds. Therefore, to perform maneuvers with zero rotation radio in the JD SST15, it is necessary to move at low speed.

The John Deere SST15 is propelled by a 1 cylinder Kohler engine, a Kohler CVS15 gasoline engine. This 1 5-horse engine is air refrigerated and uses an air filter of paper and foam elements to clean the air entry before the combustion chamber enters. As the JD SST115 is a relatively new John Deere, it has a hydrostatic transmission, which makes it automatic.

Although the engine only produces 15 hp, the John Deere SST15 weighs 278 kg. This is mainly due to the additional equipment you need to incorporate the differential address. The total length of the machine is 1. 9 m (75 inches), while the wheelbase is 1. 25 m (49 inches). The SST15 JD comes with a 4 2-inch series mowing platform and has the option to attach a 2-bag borrower with a capacity of 7 bushel in the rear. You can also use implements such as snow blowers and front blades with this host.

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