John Deere 2200


The John Deere 2200 tractor belongs to the “2000 series” of tractors. This sometimes causes confusion when people read this. Originally, in the 1990s, there was a 2000 series of tractors that included the larger John Deere 2300, as well as the smaller John Deere 2000 and John Deere 2100 tractors, of which the JD 2200 is a part. Tractors that include the John Deere 2305 and the John Deere 2320 have nothing to do with the JD 2200, which this article is about. The 2200 is a fairly small compact utility tractor that is used by many farmers, as well as construction companies and landscaping companies that use it for small earthmoving operations.

The John Deere 2200 tractor is powered by a diesel engine that JD manufactures. This engine is 4-cylinder and liquid-cooled. The engine has a total volume of 3. 6 liters. Its maximum power is 68 CV. The engine transfers power to the wheels through a transmission system that gives it 10 forward speeds and only 2 reverse. The tractor has a built-in power steering which makes it quite easy to control. It uses hydraulic disc brakes. There are 2 chassis options for the tractor, either 4WD or 2WD.

The John Deere 2200 tractor has a hydraulic system that operates the rear hitch (category 2), which allows it to work with numerous implements. A front loader can also be attached to it. On the scale, the tractor weighs 1, 179 kg. If you want to leave your opinion about the tractor, use the following form. Be sure to include any issues you’ve had with the JD 2200 as well as any great attributes you’ve found when using it so your feedback gives a balanced view of what it’s like to own this machine.

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