John Deere Mini Z-Trak 727A


The John Deere Mini Z-Trak 727A gets its power from a 23hp Kawasaki engine, 4hp more than its little brother, the John Deere Mini Z-Trak 717A. The engine has a displacement of 0. 675 liters and prevents overheating thanks to an air cooling system. The engine transfers power to the JD 727A’s rear wheels via a dual hydrostatic transmission that allows the operator to control each rear wheel independently of the other, thus allowing him to execute zero radius turns (by pushing the bars back in opposite directions).

The engine also powers the cutting deck on the John Deere Mini Z-Trak 727A zero-turn mower. This mower deck has a 54-inch cutting width. The mower deck houses 3 blades, each 19 inches in diameter. The mower deck is made of 7 gauge steel and discharges grass clippings out the side of the deck. The blades are engaged by a Warner Magstop PTO. The operator can lower the cutting deck of the JD 727A as low as 1. 5 inches above the ground, while it can also be raised up to 5 inches above the ground if the grass they are cutting happens to be very long or wet.. Between 1. 5 and 5 inches, you can adjust the deck in very small 0. 25-inch increments.

The John Deere Mini Z-Trak 727A sits on large rear wheels that measure 23×9. 5-12 (23-inch diameter, 9. 5-inch wide, 12-inch diameter) that propel it up to a top speed of up to14. 5 kph (9 mph), while in reverse it can go up to 6. 4 kph (4 mph). If you are looking for other John Deere zero turn mowers that have more power or larger cutting widths, then you may be interested in the John Deere Z960A or John Deere Z970A zero turn mowers.

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