Toro Titan ZX6000


The Titan Zx6000 Titan Titan Zx6000 Giro Specked is a fairly large machine. The engine that propuls it is a Kohler Courage Pro model. This engine has a total volume of 0. 725 liters and a power of 25 hp. Fortunately, the engine has a pressure lubrication system to keep workin g-free work parts, as well as cast iron cylinder shirts to give the engine a longer useful life. The engine obtains the fuel from an 18. 9 liter tank. This allows you to work for long periods before you need to reproduce. The ZX 6000 is an automatic machine that uses charge pumps with double transmission Hydro Gear ZT2800.

Instead of a steering wheel and an accelerator pedal on the zer o-bul l-turned zx6000 tur n-aroun d-turned, there are 2 return bars for the operator to control the direction and speed. In front, ZX 6000 can reach a maximum speed of 12. 1 km/h, while it can only reach 6. 1 km/h when it goes back. The handlebars are special levers “Dual Comfort Grip” that are comfortable for hands, even after long hours of operation. A model very similar to this is the Toro Titan ZX6050.

The operator seat of the Zero Titan ZX6000 Toro Toro Toro Speaker has an 18 ″ support, as well as plans to provide a decent amount of comfort to the operator. For residential buyers, you will be happy to know that ZX 6000 comes with a 3-year/24 0-hour guarantee (which happens first). However, the frame has a life guarantee. There are some accessories that are compatible with this zero rotation host. It is a Mulching kit, a tidker to collect the grass cuts, a headlight kit and a parasol kit to prevent him from sunbathing.

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