John Deere 8440


The Tractor John Deere 8440 is part of the range of tractors that includes the tractor John Deere 8640. The JD 8440 has a 6-cylinder diesel engine. This engine has been designed and manufactured by the JD equipment and is turbocharged. The engine is very large and has a 7. 6-liter displacement. The liquid cooling system requires 37. 9 liters of water to fill it completely. The engine power is transmitted to 4 wheels through a gearbox that provides the tractor with a total of 16 speeds in advance and 6 in reverse.

Tractor John Deere 8440 was specifically built as a shooting machine. That is why the chassis is articulated 4×4 4wd. The engine feeds the Hydraulic system of JD 8440. This hydraulic system is closed and has a capacity of up to 132. 5 liters (35 US gallons) of hydraulic fluid. The transmission valve flow is 124. 9 liters per minute (33 US gallons per minute). The hydraulic system gives the rear hitch a maximum lifting capacity of 3876 kg. The rear hitch is a category 3 model.

The total weight of John Deere 8440 is 9797 kg (21, 600 lbs), which is much heavier than almost any utilitarian tractor, but for a drag tractor, it is quite reasonable. The four tractor tires are exactly the same size. Each measures 18, 4-34 (18. 4 inches wide, 34 inches in tire diameter). Double wheels can be added to give the machine an extra grip when working with very heavy loads. The wheelbase of JD 8440 is huge, measures 3. 17 m (125 inches). This tractor comes with a standard cabin, which means that it is suitable for virtually any condition. Do not forget to leave us your opinion if you have used this tractor.

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