Murray 21 Inch Single Stage Snow Blower


The Murray 21 Inch Single Stage Snow Blower is Murray’s introductory snow blower. It is powered by a Briggs and Stratton Snow Series 4-stroke engine. Since the engine is a four-stroke, you won’t have to mix the oil and fuel. Instead, just add them separately to the snow thrower and the engine will do the mixing itself. This 0. 19-liter engine provides the single-stage Murray snowblower with 6. 5 foot-pounds of torque. The fuel tank of this snow blower has a capacity of up to 0. 95 liters of gasoline, which will allow it to work for more than an hour without the need to refuel.

Like most single-stage snowblowers, Murray’s 21-inch snowthrower doesn’t use its wheels to move forward. Instead he uses his auger. The auger is positioned so that it makes contact with the ground as it rotates. Because the auger is spinning so fast, it forcefully pushes the snow thrower forward. Since the auger is constantly in contact with the ground, it could damage the surfaces to be cleaned if it were made of a hard material such as steel. Luckily, it’s made of rubber, so it never leaves a mark.

The auger diameter of the Murray 21-inch single-stage snowblower is 0. 2 m (8 in). The auger breaks up the snow with force and pushes it through the flue, away from the clearing area. The duct that channels the snow is made of plastic to avoid obstructions during operation. The chute is capable of rotating 180 degrees so the operator can always find an optimal position to remove snow from the surface being cleared. This snow blower weighs an amazing 44 kg (97 lbs). Click here to purchase the Murray 21 Inch Single Stage Snow Blower.

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