John Deere JS46


The John Deere JS46 self-propelled mower is the mac daddy of John Deere’s JS-series push mowers. It is more powerful than the John Deere JS26 mower or the John Deere JS36. Although it uses the same 0. 19 liter Briggs and Stratton engine as the other 2, it manages to get 8. 75 pound-feet of torque, instead of the 7 pound-feet of torque the other 2 get. It differs from the other 2 machines in that it uses a key start mechanism to start the engine instead of the sometimes laborious pull cord recoil start system.

However, like the John Deere JS26 self-propelled mower and John Deere JS36 mower, the John Deere JS46 does not need a gear stick to control its speed. Instead, the transmission is fully automatic, which means that if you need to change speed or direction, all you have to do is simply adjust the transmission lever. The mower deck portion of the machine is highly durable, thanks in part to the fact that it’s constructed of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel. The blade responsible for cutting the grass has been specifically designed so that it can mulch the grass (with a mulch plug inserted), discharge it from the side of the mower or feed it into a bagger which can be optionally attached to the rear of the JD JS46.

The John Deere JS46 mower is perfect for most small grass cutting jobs (i. e. homes with yards that are under 1 acre in size), but if you need to cut lawns that are larger than this, You might consider investing in a ride on mower.

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