John Deere 4720


The John Deere 4720 is a new and powerful compact tractor of John Deere that has been in production since 2005. His engine, designed and manufactured by John Deere, is a Powertech turbodiesel with a power of 66 hp. Its direct injection system is also very useful when starting JD 4720 in cold climates. The tractor comes with 4 × 4 mfwd four wheels as standard, allowing him to face even very humid, muddy or irregular land. It comes with a serial rear TDF, but also has the option of a central TDF so you can attach a harvest platform. Thanks to the revolutionaries of John Deere’s technological advances, they have been able to provide JD 4720 with a charger joystick that allows the operator to easily control the front charger accessory.

The John Deere 4720 is an adequate tractor for almost any condition thanks to the option of a Comfortgard cabin, which will keep the hot operator in winter thanks to its heater of 15, 000 BU and fresh in summer thanks to its fans and extra large capacitors. You can also opt for an antivuelco bar. The tractor itself weighs 1, 750 kg when it is completely operational and loaded with fuel, while its maximum firing bar is only 500 kg. Its wheelbase is 1. 81 m (71. 5 inches), but its maximum width will obviously increase if you also use a mounted mounted platform in the center. The 4720 measures 3. 25 m long and has a minimum rotation radius of 2. 8 m.

The most impressive thing about this tractor is that it has the option of a central TDF, as well as the rear TDF as standard, which allows many accessories in this wonderful model. From gardening tools such as rotary feathers, sprayers, cash blades, aerators, landscape rakes, land sprayers and wooden shipyards, even more commercial tools such as loaders and backhoes. That without forgetting that you can also carry a mounted mounted platform in the center of up to 72 ″ wide. In short, a fantastic vehicle.

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