Toro Power Max 1028 OXE Snow Blower


The Toro Power Max 1028 OXE Snow Blower is on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to Toro snow throwers. This machine is much larger than many of Toro’s smaller models like the Toro Power Max 828 OXE snow blower or the Toro Power Clear 421Q snow thrower. The Toro 1028 OXE has the capacity to process up to 2, 100 lbs. (952. 5 kg) of snow every minute. This is pretty phenomenal for a snow blower, which is why you’ll typically find models like this used almost exclusively by commercial crews that are clearing multiple driveways each day versus regular households with small driveways to clear.

The clearing width of the Toro Power Max 1028 OXE snow blower is 0. 71 m (28 inches), allowing it to clear large areas of roadway in one pass. Snow is vacuumed by the machine thanks to the 0. 36 m (14 in) Power Max auger. The Power Max auger is made of high-quality steel and is toothed, which rapidly breaks up packed snow and carries it to the center of the machine, where it is sucked in by the impeller blade and expelled through the deflector chute. The impeller located in the center of the bucket is 0. 3 m (12 in) in diameter and has enough power to eject snow up to 13. 7 m (45 ft) away from the Toro 1028 OXE. This is a fantastic distance, especially if you are cleaning very large areas.

The Toro Power Max 1028 OXE snowthrower has 6 gears when moving forward and 2 gears when in reverse. This is thanks to a friction disc transmission that allows free wheel steering, which means you can very quickly do hairpins, 180 degree turns by independently stopping one wheel while keeping the other moving, making the Toro 2038OXE very easy to use in confined spaces. The Toro 1028 OXE also comes with an adjustable scraper that helps remove even the stubborn ice from your floor while you’re on the go.

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