Lawn Boy 10604


The Lawn Boy 10604 variable speed self propelled mower uses the same Kohler engine as the Lawn Boy 10603 mower. This is an overhead valve model that produces 6. 5ft lbs of torque from a 0. 149 liter displacement. The engine uses a splash lubrication system to keep the engine oiled and running smoothly throughout operation. The Kohler engine drives the 10604’s rear wheels, which are 8-inch in diameter. The front wheels are slightly smaller and have a diameter of 7 inches. The variable speed system makes using this machine quite enjoyable in gardens that are less than 1 acre in size.

The Lawn Boy 10604 Variable Speed Push Mower has 2 options for dealing with grass clippings. If you’re in a hurry, you can unload them from the side of the platform. Unfortunately, if the grass you are cutting is very long, the clippings will look unsightly as they turn brown and rot in the grass, plus they will make your lawn look uneven. If you want your lawn to have a cleaner look, you’re in luck, as the 10604 walk-behind mower has the option of mulching grass clippings. The last option is to use the rear bagger to collect grass clippings while mowing leaving your lawn looking pristine.

Buying a Lawn Boy 10604 mower is a good bet as Lawn Boy is a well known and trusted brand. This is coupled with the fact that when you buy the 10604 self-propelled mower new, it comes with a full-coverage 2-year warranty. Fantastically, the powertrain comes with a 3-year warranty. If you own or have previously owned this mower, please leave a comment of your experience below to give others an idea of what to expect from it.


  • Brand: Lawn Boy
  • Model: 10604
  • Year since: 2012
  • Price for sale: $239

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