John Deere 8360R


The Tractor John Deere 8360R is the largest and most powerful drag tractor of the JD 8R series. It is from the same series of PowerTech PSX engines that drive the rest of the 8R series of JD. It is a diesel with double turbocharger that recirculates the exhaust gases and have air-Aire after cooling. This 6-cylinder engine is liquid cooled through a liquid cooling system that has a total capacity to contain up to 41 liters of water. The engine works with a compression ratio of 16: 1 and is lubricated by a pressure lubrication system with capacity for 28 liters of oil. The engine has the option of a motor block heater to facilitate starting in especially cold climates.

The only transmission available in the John Deere 8360R is an infinitely variable transmission that provides the tractor of infinite marches/speeds both forward and backward. The hydraulic system of the JD 8360R is a closed center system with pressure and flow compensation that works at 200 bars (2900 psi). This system operates the 4n/3 rear hitch that has an elevation capacity of 8300 kg (18, 300 lbs). There is also the front hitch option. It is a 3N/2 hitch that has an elevation capacity of up to 5579 kg (12, 300 lbs).

The fuel tank of the John Deere 8360R is capable of storing up to 695 liters of diesel, which means that it is not necessary to fill it constantly. The wheelbase of this tractor is 3. 05 m for the MFWD model and 3. 02 m for the ILS model. The sending weight of the MFWD model is 12, 346 kg (27, 218 pounds), while the ILS model is a bit heavier, with 13, 772 kg (30, 252 pounds). Obviously, the total weight of the tractor will vary depending on whether or not ballast is placed. The smallest models that JD 8360R include the John Deere 8285R, John Deere 8310R and John Deere 8335R tractors.

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