John Deere JS35


The John Deere JS35 mower has a smaller brother in the John Deere JS25 mower as well as a bigger brother in the John Deere JS45 self-propelled mower. However there isn’t really much separating any of these 3 mowers. The engine used in the JD JS35 is actually the same as the one in the JD JS25. It is a Briggs and Stratton 4-stroke that is 0. 19 liters in size and provides 6. 75 foot-pounds of torque to the machine.

One of the differences however is that the John Deere JS35 has the option of being started by a pull rope using a recoil system or if you don’t want to lose any power, you can just use the key start ignition to start the engine.. Other than this, most of the features of the JD JS35 remain the same.

Since the John Deere JS35 is self-propelled, the speed can be adjusted quite easily, from 0 – 3. 6 mph. This means that if you’re working on a slope or hill, you don’t have to worry about pushing it up as you go up and slowing it down as you go down. An interesting feature that has been added to the JD JS35 mower is the Fresh Start fuel cap, which very slowly drips a fuel stabilizer into the gasoline. This prevents gasoline from breaking down when left for long periods of time, which can sometimes lead to engine damage. This can be very valuable for people who do not use their mower during the winter.

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