John Deere 14SB


The John Deere 14SB Speaker is another classical quality of the John Deere team. This walk behind, 5 speeds, sel f-propelled cuttage has long finished its production, but it is still a piece very sought after by JD enthusiasts.

It is propelled by a Kawasaki FC150 engine, which pumps 5 hp, which is really a lot of power for such a small host. Maybe John Deere made an error when creating this model and gave him an engine that was much more powerful than necessary. However, the advantage of this is that you can easily take the long wet grass without having to worry that the engine is going to cut even when you are crushing the grass. It also has the advantage of being able to carry a borrower.

The John Deere 14SB has a 2 1-inch pruning cover, which is quite standard for a walk behind, sel f-propelled cutter. While many people comment on the longevity and strength of this model, the only true disadvantage to it is that it weighs absolutely a little piece. But this is largely due to its engine. The big thing about this model, however, like all John Deere’s models is that although it may have been more than 10 years since one has occurred, there are still replacement pieces available for him of John Deere.

Some think that it is the reliability of the Kawasaki engine that makes this model so good, while others think they are the John Deere pieces that make up the rest of the corteped that makes it so good. The jury continues to deliberate. If you own a 14 SB or have ever used one, please leave your opinion on him in the comments section below.

20 Reviews of the John Deere 14SB

I have the SB14 since 1987, I only had one year old and it was very expensive but it was worth every penny. I used it in summer and kept it in autumn without maintenance. In the sjpring that always began in the dry pull, the spark plug 3 times in the 35 years of it owns it. that the motor wheels must be replaced and you will get what to do I hope it will still be in going long after I have passed. It will not separate from it maintain construction quality.

I bought my 14SB at an auction in 1994 in Virginia for $ 100 and came with the original owner’s manual. I used it during the first 10 years that I had to make four rental properties weekly during the summer months. He never failed me, I didn’t start or any other problem. From approximately 2005 to 2015, he stayed with the family and saw a sporadic use, some would use it for a season or two, then buy their own cutcase, and recover it. But, I was living in a condominium, so it stayed in storage with the same frequency as it was being used. Fast advance until 2016. Now I have a 1/2 ACRE courtyard to cut in North Carolina, and the cutter is used around 28 cuts a year. Now it is 2021, and the host has just been tuned (for me) for its sixth season of use. I take good care of this corteped because it has always taken care of me. I just bought another 14SB to rehabilitate and sell it, and I tell the people who know this cutter that today would not accept $ 900 (the cost of the new corteped in my 1994 dealership) for this host. I love it, and I will never let it go. The only things that I have had to replace in this corteped are the following: the tensile boot dogs (plastic) broke years ago and just wrapped the starting rope around the fan cup (no problem), butlater put another setback in. I could not find a carburetor reconstruction kit in 2018, so I broke and bought a new carburetor for him (Kawasaki brand and box); This made it work as new again. He has had a couple of spark plug replacements over the years, but a spark plug properly cleaned and separate will last at least 3 seasons, perhaps more. I found a 5-speed transmission used along the way, but I have never needed it (it stays in the shed in case). Finally, I had to replace the Warner blade brake clutch last year (more than 25 years of use before it began to fail). Blacks: I put a new blade every two years. That’s all. Lubric the cables every season, remove the wheels and lubric the bearings and brass caps, clean the transmission and grease axes, I assure my, and watch any problem signal, but I never have any … if you find one of these in good condition, buy it! You will never need to buy another corteped if it has been careful, and pays better than any old or new host.

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