Husqvarna 2348LS


The Husqvarna 2348LS riding mower is powered by a Briggs and Stratton Endurance Series engine. It is a V-twin that has a total displacement of 0. 721 litres. The engine has a total power of 23 CV. It is kept lubricated by a fully pressurized lubrication system. This system comes standard with an oil filter. The engine is fed with gasoline from a fuel tank with a maximum capacity of 11. 4 liters.

The engine powers the cutting deck on the Husqvarna 2348LS. The mower deck has a 48-inch width of cut. It is made of steel and inside there are 3 blades. On the outer edge of the mower deck are anti-scaling wheels (both on the front and rear of the deck). In total, there are 4 wheels that ensure that the deck follows the contours of the lawn correctly. The blades are engaged by an electromagnetic clutch and are belt driven. The mower deck operates from 0. 5 to 3. 5 inches above the ground. Many people buy the optional bagger when they purchase the 2348 LS to be able to collect grass clippings, but note that there is also an optional mulch plug. You can also choose to dump grass clippings directly onto your lawn.

The turning radius of the 2348 LS is 18 inches, which is pretty good for a riding mower this size. The machine comes with an hour meter as standard so you can know precisely when maintenance is due. The Husqvarna 2348LS is considered a more powerful model than the Husqvarna 2042LS and Husqvarna 2246LS lawn tractors. It is also very similar to the Husqvarna YTH2348 riding mower in that they both have the same horsepower and the same size mower deck.

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