John Deere 8870


Tractor John Deere 8870 is part of the JD 8070 machines. It is an articulated tractor built on a 4WD chassis. JD 8870 uses a diesel engine to propel it. It is a 6 cylinders manufactured by John Deere. The engine has a 10. 1-liter displacement and refrigerated by a liquid cooling system. The engine has an aspirator combined with a double paper air filter to prevent dust and other particles from entering the engine where they can prevent performance and damage the engine. This JD engine produces 350 hp. The engine is connected to one of the 3 different gearboxes to drive the wheels. The first of these gearboxes is a JD Powrsync that is a transmission of partial power change that provides 24 marches forward and 6 marches back. The other 2 options are Syncro or Powrsync transmissions. Both provide the tractor 12 gears forward and 6 back. The three gearboxes use a wet disk hydraulic clutch to change march.

A 350 hp engine gives an idea of the size of the tractor. The John Deere 8870 weighs 15, 934 kg (35, 130 lbs). This weight is transferred to the ground through the front and rear wheels. Both are the same size. Each measures 20. 8-38 (20. 8 inches of width, 38 inches in tire diameter). The wheelbase of the machine is 3. 4 m (134 inches).

The John Deere 8870 is one of the most powerful tractors of the John Deere 8070He has used or has owned JD 8870, then he can help the Tractor Review community leaving a comment on his experiences in the field below.

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