John Deere 710


Tractor John Deere 710 was manufactured at the Mannheim plant, located in Baden-Würtvelg, Germany. JD 710 is not well known to many people, since it only had a production of 2 years, from 1966 to 1967. The engine is a 4-cylinder diesel model. This engine uses a liquid cooling system to prevent it from hot. The total engine displacement is 3. 3 liters. Its power is 50 hp. The engine activates the rear wheels of this 4 × 2wd tractor using a gearbox that gives 10 speeds when moving forward and 3 speeds when you move back.

The motor of the John Deere 710 tractor also operates the hydraulic system, which has an 1 8-liter flow per minute (4. 75 US gallons per minute). The thre e-point hitch of category 1 has an elevation capacity of 1, 300 kg.

The total weight of the John Deere 710 tractor is 2295 kg. Its length is 3. 53 m and has a height of 2. 4 m from the ground level to the highest point of the tractor (exhaust). The JD 710 is based on large rear tires and small front tires. The rear wheels measure each 16. 9-30 (16. 9 inches of width, 30 inches in tire diameter) while the front measures each 6. 5-16 (6. 5 inches of width, 16 inches in diameter). JD 710 is not so common on farms these days. If you see one, you will normally see it with an improvised ant i-vuelco bar or with an impromptu cabin. You can leave a comment from this tractor using the following form.

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