John Deere AS10H Snow Push


John Deere’s As10h series of snow pushers consists of 3 similar models, the JD AS10H-6, the JD AS10H-7 and the JD AS10H-8. AS10H-6 is a 1. 89 m (74. 25-inch) wide removes with a height of 0. 78 m (30. 75 inches). Its rea l-cut width is 1. 87 m (73. 75 inches), which means that, although it is the smallest removed in the series, it can face large amounts of snow. The transport weight of John Deere’s AS10H-6 is 222. 3 kg, but once in operation, its weight is 199. 6 kg. The total Capacity of AS10H-6 is 3. 5 cubic yards.

The snowmaker John Deere As10H-7 is obviously a little bigger. It has a width of 2. 19 m (86. 25 inches), but its height is actually the same as that of its little brother, 0. 78 m (30. 75 inches). The real cut width of this model is 2. 18 m (85. 75 inches). When sent, it has a total weight of 239 kg (527 pounds), but once in full functioning, it weighs a little less, 216 kg (477 pounds). The total capacity of the AS10H-7 is 4 cubic yards.

The snowmaker John Deere As10H-8 is the greatest of all. It has a width of 2. 5 m (98. 25 inches) with the same height as its 2 younger brothers, 0. 78 m (30. 75 inches). 2. 48 m (97. 75 inches) is the total cutting width of the AS10H-8, while it has a cutting depth of 0. 86 m (34 inches). The weight of the snow pusher is 255. 8 kg (564 pounds) when sent, but weighs much less, 233 kg (514 pounds), when it is completely operational. The total snow capacity of this snowmaker is 4. 5 cubic yards. The series of snow pushers John Deere As11e is the largest series, if you find that AS10H is not large enough for your needs.

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