John Deere AF12 Snow Blade


The John Deere AF12 snow blades series is the largest series of JD snow shovels. The John Deere AF11 snow series are the smallest versions. Like their youngest brothers, the JD AF12 snow sheets have the added advantage of having reversible cutting edges, which means that it will obtain twice the use of them, because as a side of the cutting edge begins to fail and notIt works so well, you can just turn it around and use start using the other side. In addition, the steel cutting edge of the snow blade has been thermally treated, which means that it will obtain an extra long life anyway.

The angle of the snow blade can also be fully adjusted up to 30 degrees in any direction causing the John Deere Af2 Snow Blade very easy to use, which allows you to deposit the snow to the left or the right of the tractor or simply push towardsforward. The John Deere Quik Tach system is used for the JD AF12 Snow Kill, which means that you can quickly and easily mount or disassemble the snow blade without much effort. As it is a quite large snow blade, John Deere has manufactured it on purpose with high strength steel, so that he never deviates or deformed when he hits objects on the ground or is moving incredibly large amounts of snow. The John Deere AF12 is available in 3 sizes: a 2. 4 m model (96 inches), a 2. 7 m model (108 inches) or a very large model of 3 m (120 inches).

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