John Deere 8335RT


The Tractor John Deere 8335RT is a part of the 8RT series of caterpillars that all have caterpillars instead of wheels. The JD 8335RT is very similar to the John Deere 8335R. This is mainly because both have the same engine. This engine is the Powertech PSX model manufactured by John Deere. This engine has 4 valves per cylinder and 6 cylinders. The engine has a nominal regime of 2100 rpm and is obviously propelled by diesel. The engine has a double turbocharger that uses refrigerated exhaust gas recirculation. The engine has a total size of 9 liters and triggers a compression ratio of 16: 1. The engine uses a pressure lubrication system that has a capacity of up to 25 liters of oil.

The moto r-refrigerated engine of the John Deere 8335RT allows you to choose between 2 different transmissions. One is a John Deere Autopowr transmission infinitely variable that does not require a constant change of marches, while the other is a JD Powershift transmission that provides the 16 gears to move forward and 4 to go back. The good thing that the JD 8335RT has caterpillars instead of tires is that it is able to run zero radio turns with ease.

There are advantages and disadvantages Al John Deere 8335RT when compared to the John Deere 8335R. The advantages are that it is much more stable in earrings and has better traction in a wide variety of surfaces. However, not everything in JD 8335RT is pink. An important inconvenience is that caterpillars make the tractor vibrate quite a lot when traveling through very hard land (such as asphalt or concrete). If you are looking for a larger 8RT series model, take a look at John Deere 8360RT, while the John Deere 8310RT is a smaller and less powerful model.

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