John Deere AF11 Snow Blade


The chitanieves leaves John Deere Af11 are very popular, since they simply have many great features that very few companies can also offer. They are very similar to the John Deere AF12 Snow Blade series. The series of quitaniews JD AF11 is probably better known by the fact that the leaves themselves last as long as the conventional removed leaves due to the simple (but fantastic) made that they are reversible. So if you find that you have completely worn or broken one side of the blade you can only change to the other side and start using it again. Not only that, but the lower edge of these snow blades has been thermally treated to improve their resistance and durability.

The John Deere removed leaves from the AF11 series also have a hydraulic adjustment of the angle of up to 30 degrees (on each side), so that if you have to clean snow in uncomfortable places, you can easily adjust the angle of the removed leaf and cleancorrectly the area. The only requirement is that your front loader has at least 3 hydraulic lines.

The John Deere removed leaves of the AF11 series also incorporate John Deere’s Quik Tatch system so that he can align and attach (or decoupling) the sheet removed quickly and easily. You will also observe that the John Deere AF11 snow blade is made of hig h-resistance steel to prevent double or large deviations in the blade during operation, in order to guarantee a level of uniform and quality cleaning and extending theLife of the snow blade. The John Deere AF11 snow blade is available in 3 different sizes: a 1. 8 m model (72 inches), a 2. 1 m model (84 inches) and a 2. 4 m model (96 inches).

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