John Deere GT242


The John Deere GT242 is officially part of the ‘GT’ series of mowers. However, both the JD GT242 and John Deere GT262 were built long before the John Deere GT 225, John Deere GT235 and John Deere GT245 started rolling off the production lines. The GT242 Garden Tractor is powered by an air-cooled single-cylinder Kawasaki engine. This engine provides the machine with 14 CV of power. The engine is started with a 12 volt battery. All production of this mower took place in Horicon, Wisconsin between 1993 and 1998.

The transmission on the John Deere GT242 mower driving the wheels is a 7-speed manual transmission (6 forward, 1 reverse). This 2WD machine has a fairly large turning radius of 0. 51 m (20 inches). This means that handling it in a confined space will take a long time. In cases like this, it is much better to use a walk-behind mower.

The great thing about the John Deere GT242 mower is that it can accommodate a wide range of different mower decks, ranging from a 38-inch mower deck to a 54-inch mower deck. This John Deere mower is quite old (it hasn’t been produced by JD for over 10 years), so it’s important that if you’re buying a second hand one you check to make sure it’s in good working order. It’s also a good idea to find out about any problems you may have so they can look at them.

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